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John describes the FIRST ENDING he wrote for TFIOS

This is completely true, I’m afraid. When Julie read the first draft, she was like, “I can’t tell if the last 40 pages are a joke.”


Tanooki Mario & Toad

Created by Lauren Andrews


Always remember that the crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.
Terry Pratchett, Going Postal (via lucreza)




Food or sloth hugs?

Hahahahaha oh NO.

I mean, are we assuming that I’d get an unlimited supply of sloth hugs? I’ve never even had one sloth hug so far. But then, that’s probably a decent reason to choose the food. I would miss food so badly. Every single day. All the time. Specifically. (I miss strawberry cake I miss rabbit-shaped cheese crackers I miss peaches I miss dinner rolls I miss steak I miss broccoli OH GOSH HOW DO I LIVE.) I already know how to survive without daily sloth hugs. And I really, really love food, you guys.

(For the record, I’d pick friends over sloth hugs too. Never let it be said that I like my friends less than I like sloths.)

3, 6, 17, 23, 29, 30!

Wow, somebody actually did it.

3. A song that reminds you of summertime.

Remember the Day, by Capital Lights.

6. A song that makes you want to dance.

Me, dance? What rubbish. (The Alamo, by And Then There Were None.)

17. A song that you would sing a duet with on karaoke.

Um…..I’ve never considered myself to be a karaoke sort of person. I suppose I participated in some very passable duets of Frozen Heart (from Frozen, naturally) at the Winter Workshop. BEAUTIFUL. POWERFUL. DANGEROUS. COLD.

23. A song that you think everybody should listen to.

Flight of Kings, by The Classic Crime. That song is great.

29. A song that you remember from childhood.

Martyrs and Thieves, by Jennifer Knapp. For some reason it always reminded me of Lord of the Rings. I wanted to string clips from the films together and put in on YouTube with that song. (I thought my idea was brilliant. Little 8-year-old Gabrielle was not aware that such things already existed.)

30. A song that reminds you of yourself.

Hosanna, by Andrew Peterson.

1: A song you like with a color in the title
2: A song you like with a number in the title
3: A song that reminds you of summertime
4: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
5: A song that needs to be played LOUD
6: A song that makes you want to dance
7: A song to drive to
8: A song about drugs or alcohol
9: A song that makes you happy
10: A song that makes you sad
11: A song that you never get tired of
12: A song from your preteen years
13: One of your favorite 80’s songs
14: A song that you would love played at your wedding
15: A song that is a cover by another artist
16: One of your favorite classical songs
17: A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke
18: A song from the year that you were born
19: A song that makes you think about life
20: A song that has many meanings to you
21: A favorite song with a person’s name in the title
22: A song that moves you forward
23: A song that you think everybody should listen to
24: A song by a band you wish were still together
25: A song by an artist no longer living
26: A song that makes you want to fall in love
27: A song that breaks your heart
28: A song by an artist with a voice that you love
29: A song that you remember from your childhood
30: A song that reminds you of yourself


“I ran away when I was about sixteen. I’d had enough… I hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal… my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them… They thought Voldemort had the right idea, they were all for the purification of the wizarding race, getting rid of Muggle-borns and having pure-bloods in charge.”

make me choose
randomthingsoverhere asked: bilbo baggins or frodo baggins

There will be books written about Harry, every child in our world will know his name.