Unironically Enthusiastic
A moment for my comics store, please.

I read a lot on the internet about the toxic environment of many comic book stores and how sexist they are and demeaning towards women. Which, yes, that culture can often be extremely misogynistic and arrogant and all sorts of awful things.

Which is why I feel like I need a moment to talk about how the people who run my comics store are GREAT. 

I mean, I’m female, I really don’t know much about comics (I come in every few weeks for the next issue of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, and that’s it), I’m not very old and I look about four years younger than I am……I’d be a pretty easy target, is what I’m saying. 

Instead, I asked for earlier issues of Hawkeye and the store manager tried for a few weeks to get them in for me instead of just telling me it wasn’t possible. Once, he and one of his employees and a woman who was clearly a frequent customer were conversing about the latest issue of some comic or other while I frantically searched the store for the latest issue of Hawkeye. When I finally confessed that I was clueless, the manager didn’t roll his eyes at me, he just showed me that the new releases sometimes get placed on a different table and had happened to get stacked on top of each other so that the comic I wanted was hidden. Then they all wanted to know why I was so worried, and when I explained about having arranged to discuss the comic with People that evening over Skype, they all were interested and asked for more details, congratulating me at the appropriate points and displaying genuine interest and waving at me as I departed. 

Today, I ventured in yet again for more of my one and only comic. When I checked out, the manager handed me a flyer for a local comics convention and told me that I ought to come, I might be able to get some of the back issues of Hawkeye there. (DOES THIS NOT SOUND LIKE A BIG DEAL TO YOU? THEN YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN A COLLEGE STUDENT WITH THE FACE OF A HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN WHO NEVER GETS SPOKEN TO LIKE AN ADULT.) It sounded interesting, too, only I realized that I would be out of the country on those days, and told him so. He asked if I was fleeing to Canada because of the draft, and assured me that America doesn’t force young people to join the army any more. (WHICH I AM A LADY BUT HE STILL TEASED ME ABOUT HAVING TO JOIN THE ARMY LIKE IT WAS TOTALLY NORMAL AND GOODNESS.) 

I am impressed with them, okay? This could easily have been a totally awful experience for me, and I was a little concerned going in, but it turns out that no one there is a jerk at all.

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